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I trained as a nurse in 1982 (RNMH) to work with people who have a learning disability.
Mostly I have worked with people who have difficulties which present a challenge to
their service providers. I believe that homoeopathy would be useful for many of these individuals, alleviating some of their difficulties, and allowing them a better
quality of life even though their underlying diagnosis will still exist.

Later, I trained at Reiki II

Then as a homoeopath. I gained my licence with the Welsh School of Homoeopathy
and I am registered with the Society of Homoeopaths.
In 2006 I went to India to continue my learning, first in a clinic in Calcutta,
then in field clinics and an orphanage in the north east, in and around Bohdgaya.


Homoeopathy is a safe and gentle form of treatment, suitable for all.

When you see a homoeopath, they will need to know what you are suffering from.
What illnesses you have had, and those of your family.
Also, several other aspects about you, sleep pattern, diet, are you generally
a hot or cold person and other information that will become apparent
during your consultation.

Your homoeopath should explain about the process of your treatment, and should
answer any questions you have. They can explain to you about the remedies to be
used and their preparation. These will be selected for you as an individual, based on your unique set of circumstances.

Homoeopathy is safe to use alongside medication prescribed by your GP.
However, it is advisable to inform your GP
(and other practitioners you may be consulting)
that you are taking homoeopathic remedies.
This will allow your GP to attribute any occuring changes in your condition.

For more information about homoeopathy contact the Society of Homoeopaths.

Contact me or the clinic to make an appointment.

If you cannot get to the clinic, I could visit you at your home, call me for an appointment.
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